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My Name is Audrey Grace. I was named after Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, two inspiring people in their own rights. I live in a small town in the state of Virginia, but I've moved around quite a bit. I have moved a total of nine times in my 16 years of living. [TBC]
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Pizza buns
Wednesday, December 9, 20097:03 PM

Pizza buns
Originally uploaded by devilshrimp

Yum Yum Yum. Pizza on a Hot Dog bun? Yes it's true, and it's a quick and easy dinner for me. i just get some Hot Dog Buns separate them, put some tomato sauce, slap on some cheddar and pepper jack cheese, and slices of ham lunch meat on top. Pop it in the oven at no real set temperature, just so I can toast the bread and melt the cheese. Then eat. One is a delicious meal in itself, but for days when I'm especially hungry two is great. Toppings are interchangeable and it takes no more than 15 minutes to make. That was my dinner tonight. What was yours?

Chips 'N Dip
Tuesday, November 17, 20099:25 PM
Trying new foods is always something that someone should do.  Whether it is something extemely out of the ordinary such as Balut, from the Phillipines, or something that you see every day when you walk around, but just haven't had a chance to try.  Which road you take simply depends on how daring you are.  Truthfully, I'm not that daring, but this year I have decided to open my palates up a little more.  If you talked to me last year I would not have even tried something sour or spicy; I liked it plain.  However plain gets boring fast, and I'm learning how to try new things.  That is not to say that I am willing to try Balut yet, even if it is my family's specialty as a Filipino girl.

Today I had a rather mild day, until tonight.  I woke up and had a lovely bowl of Cheerios.  Delicious.  Safe.  Yum.  

Enjoyed my day at school, and around came lunch.  Today there was Mac'n'Cheese, Mini Hot Dogs, and Cinnamon Apples, and it was pretty good.  Some of the best lunch food the cafeteria ladies make.

I am a part of a Robotics Team at school and we tend to stay in school until 8 PM, so Parents alternate and bring dinner on different days.  Today a kind parent of the school brought Salad, Chips, and Chili.  Chili is something I've never had.  I never really liked spicy food and I was a wimp to try it.  However, I decided to go ahead and eat some.  It wasn't that spicy, I guess to please the majority, but it was pretty delicious.  There was baked beans (as is mandatory), ground beef, and veggies all stewed up together to make a rather delicious Chili.  I ate the entire bowl.  I have decided I found a "like" for things mildly spicy, I haven't found the tolerance for IN YOUR FACE spicy yet.

I'm getting more accepting to new flavors each and every day.

Also, as a side note, I have decided to only write blogs every so often, but I will be keeping a physical food diary at all times.

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Mexican Weddings
Monday, November 16, 20095:01 PM
I was relaxing thinking about what I had already eaten today when I really thought about what I had eaten today.  This morning I had some Mexican Wedding Cakes which I made yesterday.  They are crazy delicious.  They have probably the simplest recipe ever:
2 Cups Flous
1 Cup Butter
1/4 Cup Confectioners Sugar
2/3 Cup Almonds
1 Tsp Vanilla
1/4 Salt

Mix them all together, and bake in a 350 Degrees Fahrenheit Oven for about 15-20 minutes.  Let them cool, and then dip them in Confectioners Sugar.

Taken from Gourmet Sleuth

They're absolutely delicious.  At lunch I had the School lunch of  a Krispy Chicken Sandwich, Veggie Soup, Apples with a Yogurt Dip, and French Fries.  It was a fulfilling lunch, no matter how fast I needed to scarf it down.  Then after school I was hungry yet again and since there was nothing to eat I simply had butter and rice and hot dogs.

While sitting down, thinking about the different foods I had today, I realized I wanted to keep track of what I ate.  Not for the purpose of dieting: I'm happy with the way I am (and I'm slightly underweight if anything).  Instead, for the purpose of helping me make better and healthier choices in what I eat.  It would also be interesting, I feel to look back and see one day what I was eating another and see the different foods I eat each day.

Starting tomorrow, this blog shall follow the foods I eat daily.

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A Perfect Day
Thursday, October 15, 20096:56 PM
I woke up in the morning.  It was the best feeling in the world.  I felt as if my entire body was rested and I was ready for the world, and the lemons that would be given.

Breakfast was delicious: waffles, eggs, bacon, strawberries, and a tall glass of OJ.  I didn't feel rushed by the ticking of the clock or the peeking sun.  It was if I could just relax and eat my breakfast in peace.

I walked out to the bus.  The day was gorgeous with a sun glistening a thousand colors of yellow and a warmth that surrounded me.  The mood at the bus stop was airy and light and everyone seemed to be having the time of their life.

School was, dare I say it, fun.  Classes were educational, yet still enjoyable.  No hard tests to worry about, and no blunders throughout the day.  The school lunch was even delicious, with a meal that felt as if a top chef had made it.  A Chicken Sandwich with Pasta on the side.  There even was the best double chocolate cookies.

After school, I went to my clubs.  They were fun and entertaining, yet progress in our projects had been completed.  People were genial and we could goof off for hours.  The elementary school students that we mentored entertained us like no other.  They found joy in the smallest things, and that in turn brought joy to us.

I went outside after all this.  I went to a park.  I lay down in the grass and watched the clouds dance by.  Their images brought merry thoughts and dreams.  I could have laid there for hours.

I went home and my family was there.  They were all in their best moods and life seemed like it was at it's best.  My mom was happy to see me and bustling around the house filling the house with happiness.  My brother enjoyed his time and played with his toys imagining what he could create.  My father simply enjoyed his day off on the couch, watching TV, and was the best mood he had been in for days.

When I went to sleep, I had the biggest smile on my face.  It was a great day.  No, it wasn't a great day, it was a perfect day.  It was a perfect day, the absolute most perfect day there was, and it'll never happen.

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And So It Begins
Friday, September 11, 20097:52 PM
Summer is over.

You can tell.  Just look outside the window.   The sun is gone, the gloominess surrounds us.  Rain has been abundant since Labor Day.  It makes you wonder, why is the weather so dramatic.  Almost as soon as Labor Day ended, it began raining.  It marked the end of summer and the beginning of Fall.

If you don't believe that summer has ended, millions of students would disagree: School Has Begun.  First week of school is a week where people dress up to show off their new clothes, style, hair, and whatnot.  It's also the week where you learn what teachers you have, the first of the large workload of assignments, and the end of limitless free time.

I will be taking almost all College-Level courses (minus my history course).  I will also be joining numerous clubs in addition to the ones I've already been members of.  And of course, as a Junior, I will be preparing for the dreaded SAT.  I've already bought my Princeton Review's Cracking the SAT book.  Haven't used it, but I will (hopefully).  It's nerve-wrecking to think that soon your entire future will be hanging by a thread.  College is impending.

Picture of UC Berkeley Taken from

The University of my choice would have to be UC Berkeley. I'm a California-Girl at heart, and I miss it every day.  I love Virginia, I love the people here, but I can't wait to return to my home.  I don't know what I'd major in because I'm interested in a variety of things from a career in iT and Databases, to Biochemistry, to Engineering.  All have to do with science and all have to do with technology.  I just have no idea what to choose, and hopefully it won't matter until I actually get into college.

One after-school activity that has become part of my life is Robotics.  I am a part of the ILITE Robotics Team.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can walk into our school go to Room 1164 and look and see upwards to 50 students tinkering away at 9 PM.  Several weekends are devoted during the regular season.  When it hits time for competition, we're there even longer.  Our team plays with the US FIRST competitions and last year both our FTC and FRC teams made it to World Championships, and we hope to make it again.  This team has once again begun to consume my life.

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What's happened this week?!
Saturday, August 29, 20096:16 PM

Lockheed Martin Blackbird (ft in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen)

We went to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum near the Dulles Airport.  We went up to the Observation Tower and were able to view what seemed like all of Virginia and beyond.  Planes flew by almost every 20 minutes.  Since Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen had scenes filmed at the museum, they had a lot of Transformers references throughout the museum.  We even saw the Lockheed Martin Blackbird which played the character of Jetfire.  The planes were so interesting and the Space Shuttle was so large.  My mother years and years ago was driving down Interstate 66 in the middle of traffic when she looked up and saw a plane and the shuttle.  She was watching it and wondering why the shuttle was on top of the plane and was not separating from it.  When she arrived home, she had learned that it was the Space Shuttle Enterprise which had been retired.  Today, we were able to see it up close and in person.


The Lincoln Memorial (Washington DC)

This was our big trip day.  Early morning we took the Metro from Vienna Station to the Smithsonian Station in Washington DC.  As we got out of the station it began to rain, and across the street was a Farmers Market.  While my family ducked and covered, I stood out in the rain in a line waiting to get my favorite treat: Kettle Corn!  I paid $12 for a bucket of Kettle Corn, but the bucket is reusable and if I bring it back to any of the company's Kettle Corn stations I can get a refill for $6.  After that we hopped onto the TourMobile and rode around to see the monuments.  The point of the trip was for the Twins to get a general idea of Washington DC.  They didn't need to see every single museum and every single monument, but to get a general overview.  So we rode around seeing the different Smithsonian Museums and decided to stop at Union Station to eat lunch and get some small souvenirs for the twins.  My mom and I realized that Union Station was like a mall with a lot of stores.  We have made plans to just ride the metro over one day and walk around and shop.  After lunch at Uno's we hopped back on the Tourmobile and saw different Memorials including the Washington and Jefferson, and decided to hop off at the Lincoln Memorial.  The boys enjoyed seeing Lincoln, as they had remembered which president that was and could place him to the movie Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.  We also walked over to the Korean War Memorial, before hopping back on to the Tourmobile, in order to see the museum the boys really wanted to see: The Natural History Museum.  We went to see the dinosaurs, the ocean life, the animals, insects, and of course the Hope Diamond.  After that we went back on the metro and headed home, and watched the movie all of us had been waiting for: Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

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Family, Yet Not Family
Wednesday, August 26, 20099:52 PM
Today was my first full day of my week of fun with the twins, Nicholas and Robert, along with my mom's best friend Auntie Barbara, and her husband Uncle Tony.  The twins are like little tornadoes.   They start of as calm little wisps and they're running around, then they settle down, yet you know exactly where they were with constant calms and bouts of excitement.  They're absolutely adorable and they love to have fun, but the day could not have gotten more tiring with all the exciting bits.

Last night, everyone except my father and myself played a round of (as Auntie Barbara calls it) 'Musical Beds'.  Auntie Barbara and Uncle Tony slept in my mom's bed (otherwise known as the guest room), My brother slept in a sleeping bag after Robert and Nick didn't like sleeping in the same air mattress, so I believe Nick slept in Andrey's bed and Robert slept in the air mattress.  Yet when everyone awoke, Robert was in Andrey's bed and Nick in the air mattress.  Throughout the night you could hear them switching constantly between the air mattress in the loft and Andrey's room.

Around 11 AM we went to the pool, and since absolutely no one else was there with us we had the two giant pools to ourselves.  Luckily we today was an excellent day for swimming when it wasn't too hot when we got there.  Of course there was an abundance of water guns when we had the 10 minute breaks, and a blast squirting our favorite lifeguard Matt.  I exercised a bit with Water Aerobics and doing laps in the lanes.  I had to stop doing laps in the lanes when I lost my hair tie and couldn't swim with my hair getting all over my face and causing me to be unable to breathe.  When the snack bar finally opened we had a delicious snack of Nachos, but since they had no cheese we decided to just have chili with them (Robert's new Favorite).  We also had a variety of crackers and chips to tide us over.

After finishing up from the pool and cleaning up, we went over to Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Centreville, VA.  It's a often haunt of mine, since my father co-owns this certain store.  ALL the boys (even the old ones) had Chocolate Chillers, while I had a Island Paradise (I believe), and Auntie Barbara had a Mango Magic.  My mother and I shared a Sesame Chicken Wrap, Auntie Barbara had a Cordon Bleu Wrap (which she shared with Robert), and Uncle Tony had a Buffalo Chicken Wrap.  The Buffalo Chicken Wrap is extremely spicy, so I don't recommend it for the faint of taste.  Nicholas decided he wanted to try it and he took a big bite out of Uncle Tony's wrap, and he looked like a scene from a Disney TV Show.  His face got red and he gagged a bit and hurried to return the wrap to Uncle Tony.  After that it sort of ruined the TSC experience as he refused to eat anything else except some of Auntie Barbara's smoothie which has low-fat yogurt in it to help soothe the burn.

Soon we came home to relax and enjoy ourselves, but the boys had been messing with my brother's broken RoboSapien V2 and could not figure out why even though they replaced all the batteries, it still kept saying "brain battery low", so they gave it to my mom, my aunt, and I.  The robot turned out to be extremely creepy, annoying, and funny as it would turn on and turn off at certain times.  And some random touches caused spasms or out of control movements, that it made it seem possessed.  This possessed idea came from a previous incident with my cousin Jonathan.  One time he had been staying over and it was approaching midnight and he was playing with a 20Q ball, and was yelling that it was possessed since it kept guessing what he was thinking.  So he runs into my brothers room and jumps on his bed screaming this in order to annoy him since Andrey was trying to sleep.  However, as he's lying in Andrey's bed, the RoboSapien which was supposedly broken was on this shelf and turns on, begins to talk, and then goes into Standby where in moves into that pose that the kids are in in the Quaker Oats Chewy Bars commercial and spooks Jonathan completely.

This was an extremely fun day (followed by an extremely long post.

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